Sunday, February 19, 2017

Nicaragua in 23 Photos...

We were gone for 23 days. On one of those days we visited a beach in Rivas, Nicaragua. This is quintessential Nicaragua. A festive bus parked on the beach, in front of Concepcion volcano and Ometepe island. 

A bird's eye view of the harbor in San Juan del Sur. 

A frolicking pig on the beach in Las Penitas. You'll share the beach with cows, horses and pigs in Nicaragua.

The Grecian rooftop of the Cathedral of Leon.

A horse and cattle drive near Poneloia beach

A colorful street on my morning photo safari in Leon.

Villas de Palermo in San Juan del Sur. Heaven.

Waiting boats in Las Penitas.

Puffy my rent-a-cat. Love.

A vibrant carousel in Leon. 

Church bells in Leon.

Stuck in the middle of Leon.

Boats at sunset in San Juan del Sur.

A cross at Playa El Coco. A beach of almost unsurpassed beauty. 

Happy Hour at Villas de Palermo

The Christ statue at sunset. In San Juan del Sur. 

Christ with one of his flock in Rivas. (not heaven)

Fishing in San Juan del Sur. 

A room with a view in Granada.

Life on the streets of Granada.

A dove on a wire in Leon.

Number four in Rivas. 

Sunset at 31,000 feet! We're heading home...

Instagram made it easy today to give a fast, first glimpse of the local color from our 2017 trip. I already posted a favorite square photo for each day of our trip on the annoying app. Then, as you might already know, casually waited for the creeps to start following and un-following me. A causality of instagram. Are you on instagram? Has this social media affliction happened to you? To read all about it, head over to The Chorus of the Crows this week. I was going to do a whole month of rants, but could only think of two things to rant about. Ha!

instagram kitty

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Monday, February 13, 2017

The Oak Creek Canyon Trail

The Oak Creek Canyon Trail is one of the most popular hikes near Sedona, Arizona. As you zig-zag into the canyon, the Mongollon rim of white kabab limestone and red sand stone form an undulating fortress on both sides of the creek. It was simply beautiful. The only negative for me, was all of the stream crossings. Hopping rocks is not my favorite thing. Towards the end, I just gave up and trudged right through with soggy shoes. The ten million year old cliffs were never far away...

The towering rocks kissed the sky. They hovered between 800-2000 feet.

The trees were pretty darn tall too. 

Mayhew Lodge

The ruins of Mayhew lodge. 1925-1968. Celebrities like Clark Gable, Walt Disney and Jimmy Stewart stayed here. 

This robin has soggy shoes too.

This slug doesn't need shoes. 

Oak Creek Canyon is often called a cousin of the Grand Canyon. Even though it was gorgeous, I'd only call it a 3rd cousin once removed. 

"In the empire of the desert, water is the king and shadow is the queen."
Mehmet Murat lldan

Now, for a walk on the wild side of the street, head over to The Chorus of the Crows  I'm ranting (my first rant) about a certain un-natural and vexing phenomenon...

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Monday, February 6, 2017


I finally returned to Seaworld after visiting the park once as a kid. Soon the killer whales will be a thing of the past too. Seaworld is phasing them out. This move will undoubtedly bring change to the park. A lot of people will be happy. Although, probably not the trainers. They might be out of work. 

All of the animal shows at Seaworld are designed to thrill and entertain the audience. They do a really good job. My favorite though, was simply the hilarious dog and cat show. I laughed and laughed. All of the parks in Orlando, from Universal to Disney, have one of these shows.  They usually involve birds that swoop over the audience. There might also be a few trap doors, a bell and a whistle, a few surprise guests, a duck on the lam or a pig in the poke. You never really know who or what will turn up. 

An injured beak left this little owl unable to fend for himself. Now, he's doomed to entertain guests. Things could be worse in the unforgiving animal world. 

The penguin enclosure was freezing! And the ride wasn't working. But we still enjoyed seeing the feathered critters at the end. But not smelling them. 

There were lots of less than perfect turtles.

What a face!

Seaworld really is a good time. There's even a few thrill rides. This one was only marginally thrilling. But that's O.K. with me. The ones that are extremely thrilling, like the Hulk Coaster at Universal,  or Cheetah Run at Busch Gardens are almost more than I can handle. Is it fun if you can't even open your eyes?

This post was devoted to life under the sea. But what about life in the other direction? Do you believe in birds? Scratch that and look higher. Do you believe in aliens? If you do I have a great book for you. Over on my other blog, The Chorus of the Crows

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