Monday, May 16, 2022

St. Augustine, Florida

The discovery of Florida in 1513 by Juan Ponce de Leon, eventually led to the establishment of St. Augustine in 1565. The city is the oldest U.S. settlement, founded 55 years before pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.  

Now, the city is famed for its Spanish colonial architecture, cobblestoned streets, salt life, tourist occupation, and Fort Castillo San Marcus, an enduring structure made from the sturdy sedimentary rock coquina. Basically, the city is made of seashells! 

It is also hauntingly beautiful. Follow my feet... 

St. Augustine Distillery. We bought whiskey and gin. 

St. Augustine is built with Coquina - literally. 


Yum! One of my favorite Florida restaurants. 

Unfortunately, after our visit to the unsubstantiated fountain of youth, I feel older. 

Yum! Taste tester approved. I bought four decadent tarts.

Behind the ubiquitous tourist tram is Flagler college, a former grand hotel illuminated by Thomas Edison.  


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Monday, May 9, 2022

Orlando Rope Drop

This volcano is 200 feet tall and has an extreme vertical flume. Plus, a really fun water coaster.

If you don't know what rope drop means you are not a morning person. In Orlando, Florida, rope drop means you've arrived at a theme park before the employees have literally dropped-the-rope. After the cords are pulled, chaos ensues. 
We arrived at Volcano Bay before rope drop, and snagged two lounge chairs, before partaking in a day of fun, virus wars, and energy depletion. We had a five day pass last week at Universal Studios, and all I can say is uff-da-lutefisk. 

I was too busy and exhausted to take many photos, but here's a sample...

Me sipping tea, preparing for a big park day. 

Culinary delights at the Croissant Gourmet.

Sunrise at Lake Brian.

Morning reflections at our rental.

Hijinks at Harry Potter. I chose to wear a KN 95 mask indoors and go maskless outdoors.

Don't forget where you parked! FYI: Jaws is the very last parking lot, and Spiderman is the first.

OMG! This chocolate confection was as good as it looked. It's from Amorette's in Disney Springs.


Islands of Adventure = Extreme episodes of exhaustion.


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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Orosi: Part 2

The rest of the story...

I'm posting early this week. Tomorrow will be a busy day away. 

This is Orosi, Costa Rica - Part 2. They grow the finest coffee in the world in Orosi at Cafe Cristina. Now, I can only drink Tyler's zero acid decaf. Sigh. Still, I'll never forget touring Cristina's coffee farm and sipping a foamy cup of joe the following morning. God showed up with an empty mug and a question. Can you guess it? In my next life, I hope to bypass the supermarket aisle and go straight to Cristina. 

You'll also find Hot Springs bubbling with minerals in a setting so picturesque George Clooney might show up with Amal. (But I doubt it) The country side is crisscrossed by tumbling rivers, clouds meet earth, and green grows on green.

Follow my thumb...

The drive to Orosi from Dominical.

Superman flew in from Dominicalito beach. (That's where I found him)

Vacay dog.

Life above the clouds. Yes, the fence is blue! 

A painted rock from Fort Myers Rocks came all the way from Fort Myers to Costa Rica. 
I left it there...

Volcan Poas.


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Monday, April 25, 2022

Orosi, Costa Rica: Part One

The road to Irazu, volcano.

Orosi: a town at rest, shouldered by mountains, underfoot a volcano.  I experienced my first earthquake here, a what-the-heck-was-that moment. The scenery resembles a furry wool coat, a surreal garden, misty and blue. You won't find many tourists, especially in January, because it's cold! 

Even so, pack your sweatpants, since it is worth a wander. Follow my feet...

Irazu crater.

A surreal cloud forest. I love this photo.


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