Saturday, December 26, 2015

Puerto Jimenez

Puerto Jimenez

The shores of the Golfo Dulce.  What more can I say?  Sigh. You can buy sunglasses for a few bucks (my husband always loses a pair in the rough surf), never wear shoes, pan for gold, park wherever you damn well please and lose yourself in the wilds of primitive jungle and beach.  

Is there something new to explore?  Not really.  But who needs new when you have rusty, shabby, old, dilapidated and downright wonderful things to see.

Old things have always fascinated me.  And these old boats have seen better days.  At low tide they're land locked. And ripe for photos.

The waters of the Osa Peninsula lap against the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. 

But there are more photo opportunities in Puerto Jimenez then just boats.  The deep blue Osa peninsula and pier was a great visual.  And a not so shabby stroll.  

What lies beneath.

Now where?

I know where my lens is heading.  It singularly wanted to focus on those downright dingy and delightful boats.

 A perfect color wheel combo of blue and orange. A personal favorite. Blue gray misty mountains in the back drop.  And warm, mushy sand beneath my feet.  Paradise.  

Need I say more? Well, O.K. I will. For more creative writing head over to The Chorus of the Crows I've posted a blurb and an excerpt of my future book!

Happy New Year bloggers and blogging friends!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Churches of Granada

I had so much fun with my camera in Granada, Nicaragua. The streets were alive with vibrant colors, old colonial architecture and one of my favorite photographic subjects, plain old decay. We always passed this church on the beginning of our photo safaris. It was close to the indoor oasis that we called our temporary home. I say oasis, because from the street, our residence was just a dirty painted door. But once ushered inside, all of the rooms hovered over a beautiful garden. It was a mini paradise in an urban jungle. That's what Granada life is like for traveler and lucky local alike. Our shower had plants and a little mini garden in the bathroom. And it was open air!

This is San Francisco Church. It sheltered a museum and interesting stone sculptures and artifacts. It was rebuilt in the year 1600. Why? I don't know. But I enjoyed the visit.

This is one of my favorite photos. Maybe of all time. Shards of glass are adhered to stone walls as a makeshift security fence. And not just at this church. That's what travel is all about. Seeing things like this.

You can see another church in the distance. That is the church where we listened to joyous singing and exhilarating acoustics on New Year's night, 2014. We ventured inside the yellow church the day after New Years. (this day in fact) The floor was covered with ash, candles were burning everywhere and the smell of incense flooded your senses. There were Christmas shrines set up from pillar to post. An amazing travel memory.

Another church in downtown Granada.

The metal writing gives a clue to the name.

Looking skyward towards the heavens.

This is Iglesia la Merced. Tourists can climb the tower and view the beautiful tiled roofs of the city all the way to Volcan Mombachu and lake Nicaragua. (scroll down to my Life on the Streets post to enjoy the amazing view) 

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my blogging friends!

I'm Soaring!

Red Wings Over Red Wing, Minnesota

The word Soar has such energy and power. I have many pieces of art that depict flying or floating animals and people. I even have an illustration of angels floating over a manger. Now, that would be timely. But floating does not have the energy of soaring. If you ask what super power a random person might pick to possess, it would probably be flying. I know I would. The first place I'd go would be the jagged green Na Pali coast of Kauai. What would you pick?

My favorite part of this illustration is the Lake or River Monster. Did you know that Lake Pepin has a mysterious resident?  Well, it does. Although, I've yet to see it rear its head or flap its tail above the Mississippi. Maybe that's why I love to explore this area so much. You never know...

Soar is the theme for this week. 

Happy Holidays artists and illustrators!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

There's Something in the Air...

We glided through the canals of Winter Park Florida last March in search of some sights. There were homes big and small lining the shore. We spied fuzzy moss of every length dripping from wise old trees. And to top things off we had a wise ass of a boat driver to give us the low down!  He was living the dream.  Retired in an enviable climate, spending his free time out on the water and flirting with any available white haired ladies that might be on board. He also warned us about that dripping moss.  He told us that if we wanted to take a sample home to stick it in the freezer for a couple weeks.  It is full of chiggars and fleas.  No thanks.

But there was more than moss in the air. This decorated tree caught my eye.  A mini island.

The boat didn't even slow down for the most interesting part of the floating adventure for me. These Anhingas. (or Cormorants)

But I managed to get a few fleeting shots. These island trees are popular perches.  Well, so is Florida.  

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Life on the Street

This is life on the street in Granada, Nicaragua. Well, I don't see much life. That's because we are on a post breakfast photo safari. And if you are a traveler like me, there is nothing better. What could top a fresh and hearty breakfast, the warm angles of the sun, my steadfast camera, a photo buddy and an exotic locale. Nirvana. I love this photo. I don't know why the flags are flying. But it looks cool. The color of Granada is amazing. 

A dove or a pigeon sits on an antennae. The back drop is Volcan Mombacho. It looms over the Colonial town.

Dean used a local Coyote to exchange some dollars for cordobas. Coyotes are independent money men. Their rate is even better than a bank.

Look at those papayas. Heaven! I love this photo. Real life on the street.

We climbed the church Iglesia la Merced. And enjoyed a red tiled panoramic view of town. The churches in Granada are numerous and architecturally inspiring. 

I'll never forget our first night in Granada. It was New Year's day. We were peeking inside residential homes on our way downtown to eat dinner. On the street, you'd barely recognize them as residences. They are often barred and just narrow slits of street side architecture. Devoid of interest. I guess that's why people paint their doorways with such flamboyant colors. But peek inside, and there could be wonders. You might see tropical indoor gardens, beautifully appointed rooms and spectacular Christmas shrines. It was delightful to see how they lived. We had an amazing steak dinner that night. But the icing on the cake was listening to Christmas songs at a majestic downtown Cathedral. The place was packed to the rafters with revelers. The acoustics were amazing. 

I think the yellow church in the background is the one where we were blown away by a packed to the gills concert.

Volcan Mombacho in the background

I love this photo. I had my camera out, photographing colorful doors and this morning pair walked by. So charming. Now that's life on the street.

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Wet Naps

My illustration Five Speckled Frogs is part of a new book! Click here to find it on Amazon. It's volume 3. And I'm in volume 2 too. That's old news, but I'm just saying.

 My colorful frogs are also perfect for the theme wet. Frogs seem wet even when they're out of the water. They're soft, glossy and well, down right slimy. These frogs are all based on real life tropical frogs. Can you believe it? Nature is so amazing. And they are also representing a classic nursery rhyme.

I love them all.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

I lost 323 calories today. F***king seagull stole my snickers bar. (unknown)

My husband was embarrassed when I pulled out the camera to photograph a few gulls on Naples beach in Florida. They are pretty dime a dozen. I'll give him that. But a beach day certainly wouldn't be as entertaining without them.  And there are so many varieties.  This one was just strutting along.

O.K. This one is probably not even a gull. It's gull darn hard to tell. He looks like a Willet or Sand piper.  I guess he should have piped up that I was mislabeling him.  But he is too sleepy.

Now it's this guys "Tern" to be mislabeled just a gull.  

Here's a laughing gull.  Their call really is a hoot. I'd be happy too, if I spent all of my days flocking and frolicking on the beach.

 I sure had a lot of gall labeling all of these beach goers just a gull.

You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now- and nothing can stand in your way! Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

It's my true writing self, me, myself and maybe even Irene over at The Chorus of the Crows Be sure to fly over and scavenge up my post on Dangerous Minds!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Your Goose is Cooked

A wild goose never laid a tame egg.

Silly as a goose

Kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

Wild Goose Chase

What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Marcus Terentuis Varro

Can't say boo to a goose.

Goose Flesh

A fox should not be on the jury of a goose's trial. Thomas Fuller

When I sit down to write, I just let the goose out of the bottle. Tom Robbins.

I don't know what that means, but I don't think I put a cap on fear over at The Chorus of the Crows Don't be a goose, go check it out.

Happy Thanksgiving!